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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fast Fat Burning with 3 Essential Strategies to apply

Most people know what to do with losing weight and building muscle with the increase in health benefits of having more energy, feeling fit, less stress and looking great.

Although, some people are still training in the gym spending countless hours exercising to achieve these results and not working hard enough. This way may get results in the long run, but who wants it to take too long and you may not be burning any fat.

The mystery to training for a lean, strong and healthy body does require proper strategies that are often ignored or misunderstood by those doing it. The main 3 strategies are:
1. Intensity
2. Frequency & Volume
3. Progression

Intensity is how much effort you apply to the workout given your level where you are at. The Frequency and volume is how often you perform or work the particular fitness component or muscle area. The progression is the increase in result.

The majority of the time for weight training people are getting distracted during the workout period and it goes on for to long just going with the feeling or with the ego I’ve got to lift a certain weight number and unfortunately aerobic exercise can get the same talk to people or watch television and not much intensity happens.

Weight training is a form of anaerobic exercise training energy of the cardiovascular system it must be done at a high intensity, low volume and frequency and with progression to be as effective as possible.

Toning for weight training is only a term not a level you work out to. Weight training worked out at a high intensity will activate and tear the muscle fibers to get any real results from the muscles and to change the shape of your body. It is when the variables are changing such as the frequency and volume in your workout which include the weight you lift or the number of repetitions you do that your body will evolve and become a fat burning machine!

More important is the rest period after the intensity and volume, when you tear your muscle fibers they need time to recovery and repair itself in order to overcompensate and build on the muscle you have strengthen, if you workout while your muscles are sore you will experience tiredness and fatigue quicker. Generally with weight training you should rest for 1-2 days, before you work the muscle again.

So for a fast, lean, mean healthy body and to have a fast fat burning body, putting on lean muscle is the key. Now women don’t despair you won’t get bigger as you don’t hold enough testosterone in your body to get big. You also would need damn good genetics for this to occur and this is a mild few. Don’t get put off by the muscle magazines as some maybe taking anabolic steroids or growth hormones for competitions.

Now remember when you add lean muscle you will actually look smaller as lean muscle takes up less space in your body than fat. If in the beginning you feel like you look larger give it time and change your diet as the fat burning furnace will come through. You may have a few layers of fat sitting on top of the muscle which is what you are aiming to burn off. Stick with it to achieve the body you desire and continue with these 3 essential strategies.

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