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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Speed Up your Metabolism to maximise Fat Burning

To speed up your metabolism you need to fuel it every 3 hours with food. Therefore its important to eat 5 small meals per day to ensure this happens.

For example if you rise at 7am eat breakfast first thing, then by 10am you should be having a small snack again and by 1pm eating a healthy lunch, by 4pm mid afternoon snack and by 7pm having dinner.

Since roughly 10% of the calories you consume are used to fuel digestion, eating more frequently is the most efficient way to keep your body energized.

So next time you feel hungry check in to see when was the last time you ate and start to note in your diary your meal times to validate you are eating 5 small meals per day, this will help prevent you from getting hungry and stop any craving and bingeing.

This is the perfect set up for a Fat Burning Body Success!

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