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Monday, April 12, 2010

Interview with Donny Henderson-Smith - Competitive Body Builder - Part 10

10. What is the best measure for fat burning results? One of the most accurate ways to measure body fat and the reduction of it is skin fold measurements which are used to calculate your body fat percentage. If you don’t have this method available to you then visual physique assessment and how your clothes fit will be a more accurate way of assessing your progress then just jumping on the scales. The problem with the scales is your overall body mass can and will change from hour to hour with hydration and food intake. You may step on the scales in the morning and then again that evening and find that you are up or down by as much as 3-5kg in some cases. If you have included resistance training into your regime you may have increased your lean muscle mass which will increase the number on the scale leaving your scratching your head wondering why the weight hasn’t dropped as you imagined it would even though you may have dropped body fat.

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