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Monday, February 4, 2013

Interview with Donny Henderson-Smith Competitive Body Builder - PART 1

1. What is the best exercise to burn fat?
To achieve the best fat burning result we should use a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training. It is the training intensity that determines what energy systems that our bodies use. Stored fat can be utilised as an energy when training at the correct intensity. It’s a common mistake people make when they decide to shed some unwanted kgs, they hit the treadmill or elliptical trainer and go as hard as they physically can. At the end of the session they are exhausted and feel like they have run a marathon however once the heart rate goes over approximately 140bpm we can’t get enough oxygen in to break down fats as an energy so what they have achieved is improved cardiovascular and repertory function not the fat reduction they we aiming for. Resistance training is a very useful tool for body fat reduction as well as reshaping the body. As resistance training uses a greater amount of muscle function then majority of cardiovascular training we actually burn quite a lot more calories not only while we are performing the exercises but for a period of time after the session giving us a greater calorie expenditure then cardiovascular training. When we train a muscle under load the fibres become partially damaged and broken down. With the correct nutrients the fibres repair and regrow thicker and stronger. It is during this repair state that our bodies are utilising a portion of ingested calories thus leaving us with a smaller amount of “unused” calories which if not used will be stored. This is more apparent in resistance training then cardiovascular training. I personally use higher intensity resistance training more than cardiovascular in my competition prep as it allows me to maximize muscle fibre stimulation and keep my heart rate in the ideal range for fat burning (120-140bpm). This includes circuit style training and higher repartition sets with shorter rest periods.

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