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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interview with Donny Henderson-Smith Competitive Body Builder - PART 2

2. What foods are best for fat burning? I am an advocate of a higher protein and lower carbohydrate dietary principle. I keep it pretty simple in my off season as well as in competition prep. I always maintain around 2g of protein per kg of lean body mass and I manipulate my carbohydrate intake to accommodate my training volume at that time. Carbohydrates have multiple functions in a body builder’s life but for reducing body fat carbohydrates need to be kept to a minimum. As each body type responds differently to ingested carbs the amount will differ from person to person but for me I find a calculation of 1.2g of carbs per kg of lean body mass allows me enough energy to get through my normal day and workouts without having a surplus at the end of the day. This then allows me to control my body fat quite easily. If I was to ingest more carbs then I require then I will have a surplus and those remaining calories will be stored as fat. If I don’t get enough carbs in then I feel weak and lethargic and mentally it’s harder to concentrate as well as effecting short term memory. The types of foods that I find most effective in a body fat reduction diet are Chicken, Fish and lean red meat as well as eggs for protein and I mostly use green veg and raw oats as my carbohydrate supply selecting all of my carbs from the lower end of the glycemic index. Another very important factor in regulating our metabolism is the frequency of our meals. In my off season I work off a 6 meal per day structure and in my competition prep I work off a 10 meal per day structure. The frequency of our meals not only regulates our metabolic rate it also allows us a greater absorption of nutrients as we are not trying to load our daily values in all at once. This will take some preparation time the night before to ensure that we have what we need as we need it during the day because for most people eating on the run doesn’t work.

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