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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interview with Donny Henderson-Smith Competitive Body Builder - PART 4

4. Will doing weight training help people to burn fat, if so, how? As I spoke about earlier resistance training is a very useful tool for body fat reduction. The amount of energy required while performing, and for a period of time following, a resistance exercise is often far greater then what is required for cardiovascular training. If you look at a target heart rate of 120-140bpm to burn fat in cardiovascular training this is quite a low intensity and therefore only really requiring a small amount of muscle function. To maintain this same target heart rate utilising resistance training the amount of muscle function is far greater therefore burning a lot more calories during the session and also for the period of time while the muscles are in the repair state after the session. Resistance training is also essential for the shaping of our muscle structure. Often when we are aiming to reduce body fat it’s because we want to change the shape or appearance of our body. The stereotypical cardio trainer that only uses the treadmills and cardio equipment for their workout is a slim but soft looking physique. This is primarily due to the fact that a lot of the muscles in the body aren’t being stimulated and don’t hold any shape. This is also quite often because this type of gym goer also doesn’t eat anywhere near enough food therefore depriving themselves of the required nutrients such as protein and the correct amount of carbohydrates which contribute to the muscle volume and shape.

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