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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interview with Donny Henderson-Smith Competitive Body Builder - PART 5

5. Does water help to burn fat? If so, how much?
Water is the most underrated and yet effective tools for weight loss and body fat reduction. It performs several functions within the body in addition to its fat reducing properties. It is important for regulating thermal conditions in the body. It helps keep both our internal and external temperatures balanced, it acts to lubricate joints and ease in joint related soreness and inflammation. It is crucial for the removal of waste by-products and toxins that form in the blood from metabolic functions and other internal processes. It helps promote healthy (hydrated) skin. Consuming enough water allows the kidneys to function at their peak. When the kidneys function at their peak, the liver too becomes more efficient at its function by removing more toxins and waste by-products from the blood therefore increasing its ability to metabolise fat. The end result is an increased fat burning capacity in the liver that translates into a greater reduction in overall body fat. If the body doesn't get sufficient water, it goes into a defensive mode and will preserve what fat stores it currently has. Thus slowing down normal bodily functions and processes. This is the same thing that happens if our fat intake goes below ten percent (10%), of our overall calories, for extended periods of time or left completely out of the diet. The body resists and compensates by holding on to as much of its fat stores as possible, thus defeating the purpose and forcing the body to utilise protein if adequate carbohydrate is not available. Given that muscle is made up of seventy percent (70%) water we should be aware of how valuable it is not only for our fat loss goals, but for building and maintaining muscle as well. I personally aim to maintain 3-4L of pure water each day.

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