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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Step 2 to Begin on your way to a Fat Burning Body

Set Goals!

The best way to get started on your fat burning body way is to set a goal.

Goals should be written and stated using the SMART formula:

S - Specific - written in a positive way eg. I am now 59kgs!

M - Measurable - you need to know when your target, using some tool of measurement. eg. body fat, weight or clothes you would like to fit into.

A - Attainable - your goal needs to be something you can attain such as you have been there before and know its possible or believe its possible to achieve. Also think about your plan how you are going to get there will give you an indication if its attainable. What do you need to change in order to achieve the goal!

R - Realistic - your goal needs to be realistic eg. its realistic to say you can lose you can lose 1/2kg-1kg per week.

T - Timed - your goal also needs to have a timeframe on it so you know where you are heading and when you are going to get there. eg. I am now 59kg's by the 30th May 2010. Make sure your date has a day, month and year stated.

All Goals require commitment and discipline.
Good luck and Go for it in achieving your Goals and Dreams!

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